Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Featuring Ric Morton as
"Professor Weisenheimer"

Fun With Scientific Principles

This Show might be SILLY, but it is serious about teaching science.

A California Science Standards Supported Program

Available for School Assembly, Library Reading and STEM Programs

Dynamic School Assembly Presentations

"Your show was FANTASTIC!
It was awesome seeing all the kids having such a great time while soaking up such great Science Information! Teachers and Students both enjoyed your high energy, silly method of bringing out the Fun in Science Learning"

The Professor brings fun to the learning of basic science principles in a silly, educational and interactive way.


"Your show drew the largest attendance for any children's program in many a year." Burbank Public Library

"The whole idea of having you come before the Science Fair was to get the students thinking about science and what they could do for their science projects. The show was engaging and gave enough information about several different scientific principals to create interest and possible lead some scientific exploration by the students. Thank you for a GREAT SHOW!"

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"My fourth grade class thoroughly enjoyed the Silly Science Show. It was interactive and fast paced. It really made the students look at science as an everyday experience. The show was very entertaining and a great way to get students motivated to learn about science."

"Professor Wisenheimer and his Silly Science Show amazed our library patrons! The entire audience was captivated, from ages 2 to 42. Everyone really enjoyed how interactive the program was, and it is especially wonderful that kids are learning something educational while laughing abd being entertained. Thanks so much for putting on a fantastic show!" Glendale Public Library

For Booking Availability and Performance Fee